Shark in the Park

Music: Hot Sugar

Sound Design: Dolphin Smiles
Directed by: Polynoid

Resonance Film

Music Composer – World Gang
Sound Designer – Dolphin Smiles

Director – Physalia


Executive Creative – Director Sheldon Schwartz
Executive Producer – Troy Courtney

Music and Sound Design – Dolphin Smiles

Director – Polynoid

Heavy Metal Tennis Training

Featured game in Apple App Store. Available for download there and in Google Play Store.

Music and Sound Design for App-Game – Dolphin Smiles

Temple University

Original Music by Dolphin Smiles
Client : Temple University
Directed by Evan Owen Dennis

Nickolodeon Tuba

Music & Sound Design by Dolphin Smiles
Additional Character Voices by Anna G.

Directed by BINIMAN
Production Woodblock
Client: Nickelodeon

Tiny Passengers

Music and Sound Design by Dolphin Smiles
We created music and Sound Design for the entire game.
Helen Choi made the whole game out of clay.
It was produced and developed by Shape Minds.


Tiny Free Android
Tiny Free iOS

Greenpeace New Bees

Teaming up with German Director Polynoid, we created the Score to this Short film for Greenpeace to promote awareness of the Bee Decline.

Music & Sound Design: World Gang aka Dolphin Smiles
Directed by: Polynoid


Music and Sound Design by Dolphin Smiles
Directed by KORB